Watch Weird Al Make Up TV Theme Song Lyrics On The Emmys

We were kind of close when we speculated last week that Weird Al would perform at an awards show. We thought it would be the VMAs because, you know, music, but it turns out that he was preparing for a surprise appearance at tonight’s Emmy Awards. He performed in a segment where he made up words to the theme songs for some of television’s biggest hits, including Game Of Thrones, Mad Men, Scandal, and Homeland. Watch video of the performance below, which also features Lena Headey, Andy Samberg dressed up as King Joffery from GOT, and one of Grimes’ backup dancers. Weird Al comes in at the 4-minute mark.

Almost as entertaining was Gwen Stefani’s pronunciation of The Colbert Report.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty.]

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  1. Colbor is the #Serfboart.

    As soon as I saw “Weird Al” I thought, that solves the Grimes mystery!

  2. I had to stop watching when DailyEffingMotion interrupted Weird Al to play another ad.

    God, I hate DailyMotion.

  3. Game of Thrones parody was excellent. Nice to see Samberg backing up Weird Al.

    Also I know George generally gets pissed at the Internet’s cry to: “WRITE FASTER!” So if he was pissed at the Emmy’s, he did a great job pretending he wasn’t and playing along with the typewriter. Good stuff.

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