Ryan Adams 1984

In addition to his upcoming self-titled album, Ryan Adams also recently released a punk/hardcore-inspired 7″ called 1984 for his singles series. The EP came out exclusively on vinyl last week, but you can now stream the whole thing via a fan who captured it on their record player. None of these tracks have been released previously, though Adams has played a few of them before at his live shows. Listen below.

Ryan Adams’ 1984 7″ is out now via Pax-Am, though there doesn’t seem to be any available left to purchase. His new self-titled album is out 9/9.

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  1. Would love to hear how these songs sound not ripped from the 7″. The 7″ sounds like garbage crammed onto a 45rpm 7″, both here and on my stereo. The songs are a lot better than I thought they’d be, though, not jokey like The Shit or The Finger. Also, this isn’t hardcore at all, just good, straight-forward Ryan Adams rock songs.

    • Yeah I agree with Noah. I have the album, got lucky and ordered quick when I got a tip from a friend. I didn’t even open it yet because I figured a leak like this would happen in a few days. I got the entire set of “Live After Deaf” a year or two agao and then BAM, he just released the entire thing digitally. So yeah, these are great raucous tunes – would love a quality digital version for the iphone headphones for sure.

  2. I hope they are good straight-forward Ryan Adams rock songs. For a best of his classic unreleased albums Google: Ryan Adams Re-Demolition on the Moon

  3. HIs rock stuff is soooo much better than his country crap…

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