Watch St. Vincent Attempt To Identify Songs By Her Biggest Musical Influences In A Cruel Listening Test

Annie Clark has always been open to talking about her musical influences, from Miles Davis to Steely Dan. She even got to collaborate and release an album with one of her favorite musicians, David Byrne. During some downtime at last weekend’s Rock En Seine festival where St. Vincent was playing a set, French site Sourdoreille decided to play a little game with Clark to see if she could identify songs from her biggest influences and collaborators. “This is a very cruel game you’re playing,” she said at one point. Clark is mostly on-point, though she does mess up when the interviewer plays two Christmas songs from Sufjan Stevens and her old band Polyphonic Spree. Watch below.

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  1. I like how she retells the Steely Dan slap bass story from this popular YouTube video as if it’s some inside knowledge she has

    • This is the essence of what annoys me most about her. And seriously, how can you claim to be a “Miles” fan and not know the difference between “Round About Midnight” and “Bitches Brew.”

      Whatever, I clicked, so I guess I wanted this kind of torture.

      • And not to pile on her — I do appreciate StV’s music — but I sense a lot of faux-artsiness…

        • As it stands now St. Vincent is AOTY for me, but truthfully I have noticed this too.The contradiction is not as blatant as with Kate Bush above, but regarding Swans, she went on in her reddit AMA about how she always loved noise and Swans was such a BFD for her, but in an interview with Pitchfork Gira said that John Congleton tipped Annie off to Swans like 3 years ago. Looking back now I can’t find her explicitly saying she has been into Swans forever, but it was definitely the impression she gave to the point that I was surprised when I read Gira’s statement.

        • Well looks like I’m not the only one who noticed this. As much as I like her, that was a bit… ouch.

        • Yeah, also she has a beautiful face

      • To her credit, unless you are a real jazzhead it’s definitely difficult to immediately pick out a Miles Davis record. That being said, I kiiiind of feel like the fact that she thought for even a second that this could have been “Bitch’s Brew” means that she has clearly never heard “Bitch’s Brew”?

        Oh, and also, “Suf.” #LOLOL

        • I should have said a SPECIFIC Miles Davis record. It’s easy to pick out a Miles Davis record. Naming the song can be a more daunting tastk.

      • Dude I didn’t want to be that guy to point that out, but damn right?? How can you be a Miles Davis fan and not know the difference between his early period and electric period.

        We shouldn’t be dicks though, no one knows everything and she’s the only famous musician I know nowadays that mentions Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, and Marc Ribot in interviews

      • Man she got that it was Miles right away from the trumpet sound. Thats pretty good. Who knows why she said bitches brew, she could have been mixing up album titles in her brain. Its not that big of a deal.

    • She thought it was an amusing story and repeated it in conversation. I guess you never do that?

  2. she looks really annoyed

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  4. I came into this thinking I would just grow more and more fond of her from watching this… but after these comments and her reactions seeming very annoyed at the interviewer… eh. No need to sound so lofty, Annie.

  5. I did not find this as obnoxious as comments here are making it out to be. So she doesn’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of every artist she likes. What is the big deal?

  6. i love how the translator confuses “cruel” and “cool”

  7. She sounded legit pissed off when she was like “are you fucking with me? You’re fucking with me!” And not in a cute way, more in a “do you know who I am?! How dare you try to make me look stupid!” type of way. That said, I still <3 her.

  8. Surprise i am that she don’t kick his face. haha very good trolling, was brave. That’s typical annie do

  9. I bought a record the other month that I loved but I probably couldn’t tell you any of the track names off of it… I’m not even sure which artist I’m talking about right now? I loved it then it then for what I love about it though and I’m not sure why we need to play games about the details?

  10. This is the problem with the internet. Overexsposure to your favorite artist. A weird interview whwn you are having a bad day foes viral. Just listen to the amazing music and be happy.

  11. No one can argue that she’s not talented so they pick apart dumb stuff like whether or not she can recognize a Miles Davis album in the first five seconds of hearing it. Like seriously…shut up. Who cares when she first listened to Kate Bush? Or how long she’s REALLY been a Swans fan. You all sound worse than the pretentious hipster you accuse her of being. She’s human… Famous people have crappy days and tell white lies just like the rest of us. Imagine if your every conversation was recorded or printed. . . so many people would be called out for their BS. Get over it. Her music is the sh*t. That’s all that matters.

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