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Grimes’ “Go,” the Blood Diamonds collab that the two of them apparently wrote for Rihanna, may have started more fights than any other song this summer, at least until Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” came along. It’s a truly epic bit of pop weirdness, and now it has a video to match. Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher directed the video together, working under the name Roco-Prime, and their video is a dizzy pileup of images: Black lights! Iron masks! Billowing silks! Big-ass swords! Intense Vapo-Rub dance moves! Sand dunes! Hair flips! It’s a whole lot to process, but my first reaction is that it’s fucking awesome.

Here’s Grimes’ statement about it via press release:

“It’s our take on Dante’s inferno. The circles of hell reflect more contemporary issues though. We shot a bunch at the salton sea which is basically an apocalyptic wasteland filled with dead fish because of human carelessness, the bullet hole hallway a la korn freak on a leash etc etc. If you look closely you can find clues. Haha, but in the usual fashion it is also abstract enough to just be a trippy visual accompaniment to the song.”

X-Men/Watchmen screenwriter and Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter appears, reading the opening lines of The Inferno.

“Go” is out now at iTunes.

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  1. + David Hayter (Solid Snake) voiceover at the beginning!

  2. Not what I was expecting, and the lack of music leaves much to the imagination.

    I like it.

  3. I like it. Reminds me of Hype WIlliams videos from the 90′s that my mother would not approve of.

  4. If you’re wondering why it looks low-res…

  5. At first I hated this song because it doesn’t sound like a Grimes song. But I got over it and the song grew on me. So now I don’t hate this song. And the video is a thing that happened.

    • I liked this part

    • I warmed up to it.

      I think the “this was written for Rihanna” PR early on was a mistake. She made it her song, it’s so poppy and trap sounding it’s ironically a ‘weird’ Grimes song. It sounded great live at FYF. This video was a good sign, she clearly had complete creative control of it (her brother shot it, not her label or Roc Nation).

      I think in the context of her upcoming album it will work, unless all the tracks sound like this, in which case I’ll be bummed. But it’s her music and she doesn’t “owe” fans another album that sounds just like Visions.

      • Yeah, I hope this isn’t a prelude to a full-on Grimes pop album, but I like this song more each time I hear it. I have to wonder why Rihanna (let’s face it – Rihanna’s people) rejected this song in the first place. Surely this is miles better than the generic B-side filler on any given pop album?

  6. honestly think I like this song a lot more now that I’ve seen the video that doesn’t happen often

  7. Swords and sandals. What’s not to like? OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  8. It’s a video, and I didn’t hate watching it. I actually really like the section in the middle with the fisheye lens panning in and out. She sure does love swords, though.

    I’ve always liked the song, but it still amazes me just how produced it is compared to everything she’s done before. That’s not hate at all, it’s growth and I respect her for it. It’s just feels really different to me.

  9. the video equivalent of lipstick on a pig.

  10. I think the video is good but not nearly as good as “Genesis” or “Oblivion”… that’s also my take on the song, though I think ‘m more pro-”Go” than most of the SG crew.

  11. Definitely liking the utility of the fisheye lens

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  13. It’s like Grimes is shitting on things I liked about Grimes in the first place…. So that makes it….. Good? I’m confused.

    Plus that beat drop is obnoxious as fuck.

  14. I think everyone here is listening to this song wrong. Try this to give it a proper spin:

    Get in a car (if you don’t have one, steal one) and fire “Go” up. Starts out nice and easy, so you’re gonna want to roll your windows down (more on this later). Hopefully there is a stop light close to where you departed, as things are about to get REAL fun. Stop at the stop light (even if it’s green) and wait for the drop. If the light’s still red, pause the song and wait for a little bit. (pause). With a little practice, you’ll time it out so the song’s build will sync up with the that light changing to green and THAT’S your cue to SHIFT the car into PARK, hop out of your car and just WOBBLE THE FUCK OUT! Sort of like a Chinese Fire Drill but pretend your car is actually on fire! Wave your arms around in the air! Execute some head bangs! Now, hopefully you rolled down your windows so you can keep hearing the song, as you’ll need it to block out all the loud horns and shouting from the other, more pretentious cars that “just don’t get it.” Never mind them. Circle back to your car and hop in right when the freak out shifts back into the regular song and drive away (even if the light is now red).

    Proceed to next stop light, rinse, repeat.

    You’re Welcome

  15. You people.

    Rock on, Grimes.

  16. ‘Go’ has definitely grown on me, it’s a fun song, and a cool video.

    However, when compared to the ‘Oblivion’ video I’m struck by how effortless ‘Oblivion’ seems by comparison. It’s just Claire bouncing around in careless elation with a whacky smile all over her face; not a single fuck is given for the duration. She’s just having so much ebullient fun and that energy is carried throughout ‘Visions’; it’s why I’m so in love with it.

    Both musically and visually ‘Go’ is far more calculated, and I think it loses the charm of it’s preceding works because of it. It’s the same complaint many people have with an artist like St. Vincent; it can feel too precise or ‘forced’. Does anybody remember the story about Grimes’s adventure down the Mississippi in a homemade boat filled with live chickens? That’s the kind of crazy free spirited fun that I associate with ‘Visions’ but feels far removed from ‘Go’.

    Basically, in this song Grimes sounds like she really gives a fuck which makes me sad.

    I still like ‘Go’ though, but I don’t feel I can lose myself in it like I can with ‘Visions’.

  17. Considering she has a huge fandom for 90′s pop music and Game of Thrones, this might actually be the most Grimesy thing she’s made. Right on.

  18. This song and video is honestly so cheesy. I don’t really know any anyone is giving Claire a free pass on this one. What’s worse though is her live show where she’s essentially lip synching and occasionally touching a sampler and twirling her hair. It’s basically like seeing Skrillex live, which I guess people love!

  19. new Grimes sounds like club shit

  20. I find myself having to work way too hard to like this. If I am going to have to make this much of an effort to like something it needs to be rewarding. FKA Twigs is rewarding. Everything about this screams regression. Add irony, and maybe it may lighten the disappointment, but irony is a gimmick. Hopefully the rest of the album is a departure.

  21. I like Grimes alot. But I’m not as batshit crazy for her as some. Maybe it’s cuz I’m a little bit older than most ’round these parts and I remember all the shitty genre’s of music she’s put into a blender to get her sound out of. Again, I really do like her. But as a couple of her recent singles have suggested she’s really not that far from moving towards the dark side and just making really bad pop.

    Am I the only one that feels like I have to ask myself “Do I like this song? Isn’t this just pop trash?”. I think that’s rolling through my head because I really did like alot of her stuff on her earlier work but now I’m listening to this and it sounds like Katy Perry might jump in at any second and spit a verse at me. Or perhaps Riff Raff will toss a rhyme in.

    I’m probably a mean old man but this sounds more like bad pop than interesting electronic music to my ears. I hope I have to eat my words but my gut feeling is the direction Claire is heading isn’t one I want to take with her.

  22. Yeah this is confusing. I like Grimes, but this doesn’t sound… like her stuff. Its weird. It has most of the same basic elements but just doesn’t… sound like an “indie” dance song… it sounds like a radio dance song… if that makes sense…

  23. I don’t like this. I mean, I was never into Grimes, but at least I could see some artistic value in her previous work. This sounds very very generic.

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