Young Thug - "You The World"

We are not exactly hurting for new Young Thug music. Tomorrow, in fact, 1017 Brick Squad will release 1017 Thug 3, a new collection of music that Thug recorded before he was estranged from Gucci Mane’s old label. 1017 Thug 2, which came a couple of months ago, was the same kind of deal. The problem with that is that Thug recorded those tracks a year or so ago, and he is right now on an incredible hot streak where every song tends to sound nothing like anything that came before. So it’s a rare treat to hear an actual new Young Thug track, and that’s what we get with “You The World.” Like the Rich Homie Quan collab “I Got It,” “You The World” is intended for Nerds, Thug’s forthcoming collaborative project with the producer C4. Unlike that song, it’s comprised entirely of Thug gibbering maniacally over chopped-up EDM. This song is both fascinating and weird as fuck, and you can hear it below.

Nerds will presumably appear when you least expect it.

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  1. really… this is horrible bro.

  2. At this point I honestly believe Young Thug is an experiment someone is using to show how much bullshit hip hop fans will eat up today. I really can’t think of another reason as to why he’s paid (and promoted) to do his best IceJJFish impressions.

  3. Breihan’s at the point in his standom where he’ll rep for any old leftover Thugga rejects (cuz WEIRD RAPPERS son) but Thug does have some great music he’s dropped this year. Just not this

    if ya don’t jam out when “Lifestyle” comes on the radio though man

  4. my bad if this song isn’t old tho. Still sucks

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