BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is a new animated sitcom on Netflix about a washed-up sitcom star who happens to be an anthropomorphic horse-person. The first season is already streaming, and there’s a second one on the way. The show has a very serious cast of voice talent, with Will Arnett in the lead role and Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, and Paul F. Tompkins backing him up. And the show’s creators also roped a big name into doing the theme music. Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney is responsible for the loungey minute-long instrumental that soundtracks the opening credits; check it out below.

Carney also played drums on the new Rentals album Lost In Alphaville, which came out this week.

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  1. the first two episodes were great ! then not so much !

  2. Yeah, this show is pretty horrendous.

  3. more curious about who wrote the song that plays over the end credits.

    i think the show is alright, overall. got picked up for a second season already.

  4. Dang, between his recent producer work and this I’m kinda feeling like the world could use a Carney solo album.

  5. The first few episodes are pretty awful, but then it actually gets good. Also there’s a Sedaris/Colbert reunion.

  6. This show’s hilarious! It gets dark towards the end though. I blew through the whole first season in less than a week! I dig the opening theme, but the theme on the end credits by Grouplove is awesome!

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