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So many of the iconic shows we grow up with end up seeming dated and dumb when we view them as adults. The Adventures Of Pete And Pete is not one of those shows. Seriously, if anything, it’s better in hindsight. When you’re a little kid, the character of Nona’s dad is nothing more than an overprotective square, but watch it as an adult and — holy shit that’s Iggy Pop! It was all so perfect: school bullies with personas better than some Bond villains; Steve Buscemi as school guidance counselor; Michael Stipe selling Sludgesicles; and especially the excellent opening theme song by Polaris.

Now Diarrhea Planet have paid tribute to all of this in their new video for “Platinum Girls,” where they recreate the show’s opening sequence as best they can. The Blair Waters-directed video includes a new version of Petunia, a recreation of the mysterious Mr. Tastee, and even scenes filmed on the lawn of the original house. It all makes for a ridiculously loving tribute. Watch it below, look for the song on the band’s upcoming EP, and check out the original opening of Pete And Pete to compare (or just to listen to “Hey Sandy” by Polaris again).

(via NYLON)

Aliens In The Outfield is out 11/18 via Infinity Cat. In related news, last week Polaris coincidentally announced their first tour ever.

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  1. screw DP, i wanna go to a show on the first ever Polaris tour!

    full disclosure: im going to see DP too

  2. everyone share your childhood interpretations of the “hey sandy” lyrics:

    ?????????? strange
    you’re lookin’ at the living range
    i couldn’t sell the chimney
    or have you been to your darker depth
    it’s in me
    aye aye aye aye
    does your dog bite?
    it’s in me

    (the supposedly correct lyrics that you can find online seem pretty accurate to me)

    • For me it was always:

      It’s kinda strange
      You’re lookin up at me deranged
      You scoot above the chimney
      Or have you bitten your dog again
      Hey Sandy
      aye aye aye aye
      I bit your dog back!
      aye aye aye aye
      Hey Sandy

      Now I looked up the lyrics, and I disagree with the internet.

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