Disney Says Deadmau5's Logo Is To Similar To Theirs

TMZ reports that Disney has filed a claim to stop Deadmau5 from receiving a trademark in the United States for his signature mouse ears, saying that they are too similar to Mickey Mouse’s and would cause brand confusion. The EDM artist — who makes about $16 million a year, according to Forbes — has been wearing his mouse ear mask during live shows for almost a decade. According to his attorney, he already has a trademark for his ears in 30 other countries. Disney claims that by owning a trademark in the U.S., he would damage the company’s business. Deadmau5 tells TMZ that “he won’t be bullied, and is prepared to fight to protect his rights to his property.”

[Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty.]

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  1. To similar! *raises glass*

  2. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, I guess it just happened now.
    Thats life, innit?

  3. How ironic. Mickey Mouse is pretty much a dead mouse. Seems like Disney has a case.

  4. Disney, please. I hope Deadmau5 fights for his right to party, I mean the mouse mask.

  5. Well, they might have a case, small children would probably think that’s a Mickey head.

  6. Of Mice and Mau5

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