Intriguing, Unlikely Spoon News

From the mailbag…

From: Damon
Sent: Wed 8/17/2005 5:47 AM
To: Stereogum
Subject: yo. not really news but

an interesting rumor nonetheless.

so i was at this drunk hipster party on saturday and this drunk hipster by the name of claudia i think it was (from austin, no less) who swore she knows britt personally upon hearing that i was a spoon fan told me that “gimme fiction” was sequenced backwards on purpose, meaning that the last track should be the first track and so on. some kind of inside joke says she, a hidden pop materpiece, and also that the instrumental tags that follow some of the songs are alledgedly supposed to be clues pointing to the switch. also the title. also the vaginal metaphors of the cover art. “yes, we are fucking with you”. or something.

anyways i tried it. and you know what? drunk hipster might be onto something. clearly its more cohesive the other way around. all the songs were already great, but now they seem to follow a sort of theme, a straight line as it were. as opposed to the disjointedness and schizophrenic mood shifts of the original order. sounds like a live set or something. i don’t know, try it if you want. i for one like it better this way.

the tracklisting should read like this
01 merchants of soul
02 they never got you
03 was it you?
04 the infinite pet
05 i summon you
06 sister jack
07 the delicate place
08 my mathematical mind
09 i turn my camera on
10 the two sides of monsieur valentine
11 the beast and dragon, adored

And Paul is dead, etc…

Stream some Gimme Fiction here.