A Few Questions About This Bradley Cooper Haagen Dazs Commercial

Gabe Delahaye | May 7, 2013 - 11:47 am
  • Why is Bradley Cooper alone at this party?
  • Aren’t there other celebrities he could talk to?
  • If there aren’t other celebrities and he is alone, why did he go in the first place?
  • I’m not saying that Bradley Cooper can’t just go to a party alone if he wants to, but it seems like a famous person has an entourage specifically to avoid some of the social pitfalls that come from being alone at a party?
  • Wait a second: IS HE GOING TO FUCK THAT LADY?
  • It really seems like he’s about to fuck that lady, doesn’t it?
  • So is the idea here that Haagen Dazs is the ice cream you should eat if you want to fuck?
  • The upstairs of the House of Haagen Dazs is far less impressive than the downstairs, don’t you agree?
  • If you were going to follow a stranger upstairs in a strange house to fuck because of ice cream, would you want to do it on a bed in a private room, or on a love seat next to French doors?
  • Haha, Bradley Cooper was going to eat an ENTIRE PINT of ice cream before she tricked him?!
  • At a party?
  • Also, you would think that the House of Haagen Dazs would have more than one pint of Haagen Dazs for its own party, but I guess Bradley Cooper got the only one?
  • And how sad is it that this seemingly sophisticated and obviously gorgeous woman is so insecure in her own femininity that she still feels she has to use her sexuality to trick men into giving her what she wants, even when it is just an entire pint of ice cream?
  • The saddest?
  • Couldn’t she have just asked for some of his ice cream?
  • Do either of them seriously need an entire pint of ice cream to themselves?
  • I know this is just a commercial, but since Bradley Cooper takes a bite of the ice cream in the downstairs party scene, and then there are no bites taken out of the pint in the upstairs scene, can we get IMDB to post this as a MOVIE GOOF?
  • Why is Bradley Cooper smiling and laughing?
  • Like, he’s a celebrity who was already alone at a party and therefore probably had his guard up a little bit, which he only let down with the implicit promise of sex although even then I am surprised that he wasn’t at least a little suspicious–he is acting as if a woman has never come up to him at a party and he can’t believe his luck, but he is a wealthy movie star with celebrity access I feel like he should be more used to this by now and also have at least some vague reservations about what the woman’s true intentions are, which actually now that I think about means that he got out very lucky because she could have been trying to fleece him for much more than a pint of ice cream–but now he is locked, alone, in an upstairs room at the House of Haagen Dazs, he doesn’t know anyone else here, he doesn’t even have his entire pint of ice cream for one anymore, and this lady just tricked him, so what’s the laughter about?
  • Is this a great ad or what?