So People Are Still Making Lost Fan Art, I Guess

I’m not very good at art, so who am I to judge what someone who is good at art does with their art, really? When I was a kid I took some pottery classes, which in retrospect are a funny thing for a kid to take. Admittedly, they really helped me deal with that first year after my divorce. I also took a couple illustration classes and one time I drew a giant eyeball, but it wasn’t quite my thing. I’m a decent photographer, but who isn’t? (Actually, most people are not, which is something I did not realize until Instagram was invented. Thank you, Instagram? Seriously, though, guys, YOU BETTER DRUMLINE with these Instagrams. They stink!) I always wanted to be better at that kind of stuff. People who can just sit down and render lifelike images with pen and paper are gifted! It’s neat! So I have a lot of ideas, as someone who is forced to watch from the sidelines, about what I would do with that God-given talent if it had been blessed upon me. And one thing I would not use it for would be to make fan art for a TV show, full stop period, but double extra would not use it to make fan art for a TV show that hadn’t even been on TV for four years. (And if I WAS going to make Lost fan art, which I would NEVER, but if I was, it would probably be Smoke Monster art, and not some fucking DRIVESHAFT shit.) That’s just me, man. Who knows how the muse works, or what directions she will guide us to take. We cannot but listen to her siren call and hope that it does not crash us upon the rocks. O’ sweet muse. Beautiful temptress! (Via Neatorama.)