The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

It’s finally begun to be nice outside, and you know what that means: Going to the park and watching other people play with their dogs and feeling jealous that you’re not playing with a dog but also feeling scared because the dog is off of its leash and you’re nervous about whether or not it will run away or whether it will bite someone or whether it will get into a fight with another dog, but mostly you’re just jealous that you’re not playing with one because you don’t have one because you don’t want the responsibility and also you can’t have one in your apartment seaaassoooooon! SPRING HAS SPRUNG! In honor of all the dogs at the park and all of the cats at home, just fuming that they cannot also go to the park even though you know they would hate it once they got there, let’s watch ten animal videos! We got some good ones for you this week, just like we do every single week. Let’s gooooo!

10. Criminal Ferrets

9. Hat Surprise

8. Puppy’s Farmyard Adventure

7. Rottweiler Does Not Want Shrimp

6. Chubby Wombat Wants To Play

5. Snoring French Bulldog

4. Sweet Baby Gorilla #FAIL

3. Baby River Otter Learns To Swim

2. Cat Poses In Mirror

1. “Very, Very Clever” Raccoon Walks Across Phone and Power Lines

CONGRATULATIONS, VERY VERY CLEVER RACCOON! You are very clever! And quite a daredevil! Cat poses in mirror, you are also very clever and I love you! I thought I’d never be able to love a cat, BUT HERE I AM! Baby river otter learning to swim is an obvious top five choice, we don’t even need to get into it; same with snoring french bulldog. Baby gorilla #FAIL is one of the sweeter fails I’ve ever seen. And ok that’s it! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR WINNERS! (US!)