If Only We Could All Be So Easily Impressed

This past weekend I went to a Halloween party with a few friends, one of whom dressed up like Superman. It was a fine costume, even a good costume, but even if it were the best Superman costume out there I would’ve certainly known for a fact that this friend of mine was not THE Superman. Clearly he was a regular man dressed in nylon travelling in a pack of adults dressed like various cartoon characters. But every time we passed a child they would be thrown into wide-eyed silence, mouths agape at what could only possibly be the one true superman standing right before them. “Wow, look, it’s Superman!” their parents would say. “It’s not every day you get to meet Superman!” Some would walk slowly towards The Superman, and my friend would say something like, “Have a good night!”, clearly not prepared for the responsibility of being Superman. Others would hide behind their parents legs, blushing, clearly not prepared for the responsibility of being one of the lucky children to actually meet Superman. And each time it was only my friend standing before them in his slightly too tight Superman costume. You have to wonder: What the fuck, kids? Also: YOU ARE ADORABLE AND I WISH I COULD BE IN SUCH AWE OF WATER AND A SPOON. (Via ViralViral.)