Stay Safe Out There, Please, For Real Though

All joking aside, here is to hoping that everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast makes it through this as safely and painlessly as possible, and that the world is up and running and back to normal as soon as possible. I’m not sure how many more days of this we can even take! Some of us just want to get back to talking about which newscaster accidentally said “penis” instead of “Syria” and laughing at all of the funny things that Courtney Stodden does. (Incidentally, for those of you who were concerned that Sandy might affect Courtney Stodden, her Twitter-based Halloween costume contest, or whatever is even going on, seems to be functioning as normal and also I learned today that she refers to her fans as “Stoddenistas” which is obliviously close to Sandanistas which for some reason is funny to me, I guess because of how Courtney Stodden is an idiot.) Kelly told me that her power just flickered and I know that there’s a bunch of broken cranes out there, so please, bundle up and stay away from your windows and have a drink and enjoy the TV while you still can. This too shall pass. I HOPE! XOXOOXOXOX.