Tetris Pumpkin Is A Pretty Good Pumpkin

I hope you all got a chance to carve pumpkins and let them rot and throw them away before duct-taping your doors and eyelids shut and hiding in your toilets in preparation for the storm! There would be few things worse right now than to be stuck in an apartment with a rotting pumpkin, and I have to imagine you can’t throw them away now or else they’ll fly out of the garbage can and into someone’s car or home, right? Don’t throw them away, keep them inside & put them in the oven! Unless you somehow also constructed a playable Tetris game out of your pumpkin — in that case keep it out of the oven and play with it with your loved ones, hugging them every so often and telling them how much you love and appreciate them and how nice it was to have them in your life. (Via TheDailyWhat.)