Anything Going On Today, Guys?

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason it’s really hard to concentrate on much today. Or, maybe concentrate isn’t the right word, but it is definitely hard to pretend like “Dan Harmon getting the green light for an Adult Swim animated series based loosely on Back to the Future” is the important news everyone wants to talk about. We all know that the only thing that is going on is this. No one is running through the streets in nothing but gym shorts and a rubber horse mask because Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show got canceled. (I do love that they announced that today, though. Some things cannot wait.) Anyway, the point is: what’s up? When Hurricane Irene hit, I got drunk and watched Robocop and Working Girl back to back. It’s actually a very good combo that I highly recommend. You guys watching anything good? Anyone want to talk about Vicious Old Queens? I don’t know! What’s uuuuuuuup?! (Image via Interweber. Click to enlarge.)