Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Tom Cruise is beginning to think about Mission: Impossible 5. Do you have any ideas for him about what it should be about? If yes plz email him at Also stay safe out there! -SlashFilm
  • One of the worst things about the state of emergency New York is currently in is that Carrie Diaries was set to shoot on my block this week and now I have know idea WHEN they’ll be here. Awful. Stay safe. -Deadline
  • Joss Whedon released a campaign video for Mitt Romney this weekend and it is very serious and makes a lot of good points and if the world still exists after these next few days we might all want to rethink our opinions. -JossWhedon
  • Adam Sandler is possibly making a spoof of The Magnificent Seven which sounds remarkably just as bad as everything Adam Sandler has done in recent memory. -FilmDrunk
  • Want to watch a compilations of trucks hitting the same bridge? Maybe it will distract you from what’s going on outside for a minute. Or maybe it will just remind you of it more? We’ll see! -Hypervocal
  • Up All Night is going to become a multi-camera comedy with a live audience which, I think, even if my brain were able to function through the panic, would still make no sense. -Vulture
  • And, finally, is Cloud Atlas racist? Not sure why The Week didn’t get Andrew Ti to clarify this for them but I can imagine that his answer would be yes. -TheWeek