This Week In GIFs!

It seems pointless to recap everything we’ve gone through together this week moments before we relive it all together with GIFs, but I do want to say, can you believe it was just this Monday when we talked about Bruno Mars hosting Saturday Night Live? And can you believe it was just Monday night when we watched the final presidential debate? Maybe you can, but I CANNOT! It seems like those things happened 2 months ago! Let’s take a look at them again, so we can remember!

Bruno Mars hosted Saturday Night Live!

These guys debated for the last time!

We might need to replace Matthew on Downton Abbey!

We learned that Friends could’ve ended sadly!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got a disgusting wedding surprise!

We talked about our favorite Halloween TV episodes!

Daniel Day Lewis sends texts as Abraham Lincoln!

And, finally, Thursday night TV happened!