Methods Of Robot Uprising Escape Quickly Dwindling

It’s nice to mentally escape for a minute, back to the days when robot technology hadn’t yet evolved to the unsettling place it currently sits. Back when you were a kid, thinking about how if the toy robot you had in your room became sentient and wanted to murder you for not changing its batteries quickly enough or some such, you could at least attempt to outrun it or barricade yourself in someone else’s room until it calmed down. “It at least doesn’t have the capability to run or a wide range of motion,” you thought. “It can kill me in my sleep, for sure, but I at least have a chance when I’m awake.” What a wonderful, peaceful time. A wonderful, peaceful time that is quickly coming to an end, thanks to DARPA’s newest robot update: A robot that can navigate obstacles like boxes and snake pits and basically just do whatever it takes to get the job (“the job” = YOU) done. GOODBYE, HUMANS!

I just don’t understand why they had to program it to know how to navigate the EXACT booby traps everyone was planning on using to escape them in an eventual attack? BOXES AND SNAKE PITS WERE OUR ONLY HOPE! HOW DARE YOU, DARPA!!!!! (Via Geekologie.)