Checking In With Parenthood’s Fourth Season

Is everyone ok? Are we all still hanging in there? I am barely hanging in there!!! Something that often bothers me about television and film portrayals of cancer (and this goes for most TV and film portrayals of just about every human struggle, but let’s focus on this one) is that it is so often used as a tool to get to a happy ending — to show how strong people can be. The reason for this is obvious (no one wants an unhappy ending, especially in an area where where someone has complete control over the story), but it can still feel — to put it simply, since I doubt there is anyone who ISN’T on board — insulting. Jason Katims, Parenthood’s showrunner, has stated that he wanted Kristin’s struggle on Parenthood to be more realistic, after his wife went through the same struggle a few years ago, and, holy moly, IT IS. And, uhhhhhhh, maybe I take back everything I said? CAN’T SHE JUST GET BETTER BECAUSE OF HER STRONG SPIRIT AND WILL TO SURVIVE?! JK. But it is almost unbearably sad! I love it, for sure, but it makes me feel like garbage and I can never watch it with anyone else because I am too embarrassed. How are you guys doing with it? Also: Can you believe how Ray Ramano sexually harassed Sarah and now Sarah likes him, or whatever? Did you love it when Drew told Sarah that she hadn’t thought of him having a place that felt like “home” to come home to during college before she moved them into Mark’s house, and that she was just piecing that together now? How do you feel about Amber and the guy from Friday Night Lights? Love or LOVE? Are you so mad that Kristina and Adam lied to Haddie, but do you understand why they did it? Wasn’t Max’s speech adorable and aren’t you so proud of him? Isn’t Dax such a screw up? Why does Amber keep her door open, like she lives in a dorm? How did Haddie know what Pizza restaurant to go to last week when no one knew she was coming? LET’S TALK!