The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Have you seen the Disney nature movie Chimpanzee? It’s narrated by Tim Allen and follows the first three years of the life of a chimpanzee whose mom was killed, and who then was “adopted” by the alpha male in his chimpanzee tribe, and it is definitely for children, but I watched it last week and it was ADORABLE! Both heartbreaking and uplifting. And definitely for children. (Meaning that all of the descriptions of the events were told in a way that was meant to be comprehensible for children, EXCEPT the parts about death, which were very brutal and would have made me slightly uncomfortable if I were a mom who had just put this movie on for my child, who would almost definitely be crying.) You should see it, though. It’s like an hour long animal video. The only downside is that you have to listen to Tim Allen the whole time, but at one point he DOES do the Tool Time grunt, so. ANIMAL VIDEOS!

10. Pig Or Cow?

9. Alpacas Want Bananas

8. Husky Singing To Gwen Stefani

7. Dog Eats Chair While Sleeping

6. Baby Pygmy Goat Headbutts Puppies

5. A Goodbye Kiss

4. Yawning Baby Turtle

3. Panda’s First Steps

2. Baby Koala Climbs Leg For A Hug

1. Sweet, Injured Owl Petting

This owl video is number one because in the YouTube description says:

A week ago, when i was picking mushrooms in Slovenian woods, i saw large owl sitting on a dead tree. SHe wasn scared of me, so i come closer and i started to cuddle her. It was so cute. But something was wrong with her. I picked her up and we went to the vet, who saw that she has broken both wings. Yesterday they operate her, and by 4 months they will release her to the wild. The vet said that this owl is named sloveninan “Kozač” (Strix uralensis) and tha are only 600 couples leaving in Slovenia. Please do not kill owls, they are so cute and harmless….Thanks

And that is a wonderful story. Get well soon, Owl! We love you! The video of the baby koala climbing that woman’s leg almost didn’t make it onto the list just because of how jealous I am about it. I WANT THAT SO BAD. We’ve seen a lot of baby pandas crawling recently, it seems, but thankfully it never gets old. The tiny, yawning turtle wins both because of how adorable it is and also because the video is only 5 seconds long. And, finally, it’s just always nice to see two prairie dogs in love. CONGRATULATIONS!