The One Where Friends Almost Ended Sadly

Back in the ’90s there was this little show called Friends. It was basically your grandpa’s Arrested Development. A beloved but little watched sitcom. Ugh, I can’t even keep up this ruse it is so dumb. Friends! Come on, man! You know, in the ’90s I was the perfect age (mid-40s) to be very skeptical and immediately dismissive of a show like Friends because I was so indie and so cool and it wasn’t until after college that I started watching it in re-runs because I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore except employers who might give me the job (any job) that I so desperately needed, and whoops, that show was great, I was so wrong. The writing was super funny and the acting was perfect. My bad, 1990s! But now, with the umpteenth DVD release of the show, the creators are saying that at one point the series finale WASN’T going to include Ross and Rachel getting back together. GAHHHH CAN U EVEN IMAGINE? WELL TRY TO IMAGINE FOR THE SAKE OF THIS BLOG POST! From EW:

As producer David Crane reveals in this exclusive clip from the Friends Blu-ray set, on sale Nov. 13, there at one time had been talk of concluding Ross and Rachel’s story in a much more open-ended manner. “At first we thought that [getting them together] seems so expected,” he says. The alternative? A “vague” ending with a “hope for the future.”

Yeah, it does seem so expected, because it is expected, because just do it. Also, relax David Crane. Your show wasn’t Lost. It wasn’t Carnivale or The X-Files or Twin Peaks. It was Friends! Give us that sweet sweet candy milk that we need to feel like our lives are OK for two seconds! Good grief. Sometimes with these writers, it’s like, we get it, you’re clever, now shut up and give us what we want.