Children Have To Learn About Paranormal Activity Sometime

There comes a point in every child’s life when he or she has to learn about certain things that may make him or her a bit uncomfortable. That’s what growing up is all about. People die. War exists. Babies are made in ways that seem unfathomably disgusting. While you threw away your Go-Gurt because you didn’t feel like having that flavor today, somewhere else in the world a child died from starvation. And sometimes, when you least expect it, shit just gets SPOOKY. From Yahoo:

A cinema full of children waiting to see ‘Madagascar 3′ were shown supernatural horror film ‘Paranormal Activity 4′ by accident.

Shocked families at Nottingham’s Cineworld had to rush their children out of the auditorium as they realised that the wrong film was being projected.

But not before a scene at the very start of the film – featuring a bloodied female corpse being thrown at the camera – upset children as young as five, among around 25 families watching.

Natasha Lewis of Bulwell in Nottingham, who took her eight-year-old son Dylan to the screening, said: “They started playing the movie and I thought – this doesn’t look right. And then I recognised the opening sequence as a flash back to the first movie, which I saw a couple of years ago.

“It opens on the most terrifying scene in the first film – where a body shoots full pelt towards the camera. It’s enough to make grown men jump, so you can imagine the terror in these young faces.

“Everybody just scrambled for the exits, all you could hear were children crying and screaming. Everyone was very upset.

Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. AHHHH! Sorry, kids! That sounds like an incredible opening scene and I’m sure one day you’ll look back on this experience and laugh and laugh, remembering where the seed of your night terrors and inability to function normally in society was first planted, but right now you’re still probably a bit shaky. That’s ok! It hurts to pull off a band-aid! But it had to be done. Congratulations. Today you are men and women.