The Third Presidential Debate Of 2012 Open Thread

And so here we are. No more debates! That’s it! In the words of Chuck-E-Cheese, that’s-that’s-that’s-that’s-that’s-all-guys! Did you watch it? I had the flu all day yesterday and I still have almost as much of the flu today actually, but there is nothing that soothes the aching, shivering body like a rigorous debate about foreign policy. LOL. Obviously, the most memorable line was the thing about horses and bayonets. That’s a good line! All the sitcom writers were at home high-fiving. Otherwise, I don’t know. Romney used the word “tumult” so many times you might think he was sending coded messages to an Abu Nazir sleeper cell. What was that all about? He learned one big SAT word and hell if he wasn’t going to get his money’s worth out of the Kaplan prep team! The big story yesterday was how the national polls show Obama and Romney in a dead heat, with 47% of the vote each. Oh perfect! I know that everything is always the same as it ever was, but it does feel like over the past, say, 12 years, things have gotten increasingly fractured in our political system and all that Americans want is for someone to come in and wave a magic wand and make everything perfect, as if that is even an option. Admittedly, in 1968 they beat children in the street during the Democratic National Convention, so what do any of us even know. The important thing is for these undecided voters to decide. Take your time, please! Does this help? This? How about this? Does this? I just want you to make up your mind so bad! (Image via NewYorkTimes.)