Best New Party Game 72: Final Presidential Debate Movies

Tonight will bring with it the final presidential debate of 2012, focusing on foreign policy. News media report that after the last debate the polls show a DEAD HEAT between the President and Mitt Romney, which only sounds like some reality TV BS, where they’re going to cut to someone saying “I just don’t know” out of context, and then they show a clip of one of the more promising contestants with a stressed-out face that you just know is from 3 weeks before when they’re saying it’s from, but WHATEVER! It all comes down 2 this!!!! Tyra only has one photo in her hand and someone has to pack their knives because today they’re out!  The Internet abounds with Presidential Debate drinking games (“drink always during it”), so let’s play a BNPG MOVIE GAME ABOUT IT! Final Presidential Debate Movies! Me first, then you.

  • Left Behind: About Romney And What His Plan Would Have Been For The Troops In Iraq
  • You Can Count On Me To Say Something Is Terrorism Immediately
  • Foreign Policy Academy
  • Romneyo + Libyaette
  • Sophie’s Choice About Whom To Vote For

Whoa! I hope yours are better, good luck!