Saturday Night Live: Bruno Mars (And Tom Hanks)

Louis CK is going to host Saturday Night Live on November 3rd! Ahhh! I wanted to start off with that piece of information because its announcement was, for sure, the most exciting thing about Saturday’s SNL. First the Louis CK announcement, then Tom Hanks, then Stefon I guess, then the Brad Pitt commercials, and so on until we get to the very bottom of the list where we find the adorable little dance doll that is Bruno Mars. From the forgettable opening song monologue (the only kind of monologue Saturday Night Live does anymore? I think there has only been one this season that wasn’t a song!) to the Tom Hanks-stolen carnival ride sketch, it’s almost as if he wasn’t even there and the episode never happened and we all got to spend 1.5 hours of our life not electing to not enjoy something! To be fair, though, (we have to be fair to Bruno Mars, he deserves at least that) it isn’t as if Bruno Mars performed especially poorly — he did a good job in whatever scene his sweet little doll body was placed, actually! But the parts he was given seemed to have always been given under the assumption that he would not be able to do a good job. The episode, overall, was kind of the same — not particularly BAD, but ultimately very forgettable. So. LET’S TALK ABOUT SOME SKETCHES!

The cold open was super long this week — eight minutes that felt like AT LEAST 15. The only thing that I can’t believe more than how long the cold open was and felt is how it was still my favorite sketch of the night. So I don’t even know why I’m complaining, really! (Because I don’t know how to do anything else?) Maybe just make the whole next episode a debate episode. Debate-length. And get Tom Hanks to come back.

I want to point out the “Haters” sketch just because it was the only time Bruno Mars was given a character to play (unless you count making a face over and over again as a “character,” in which case his character in the cabin sketch was also a character) and he did a good job playing it! Otherwise, the premise was very hollow and strangely dated. But. Good job, Bru!

I didn’t particularly like “Sad Mouse,” but I do support the attempt to fill the Digital Short void.

The “Pandora” sketch is not available online through Hulu but, for now at least, it is available elsewhere. This one was strange because Bruno Mars definitely did a good Billie Joe Armstrong impression and definitely did a good Michael Jackson impression, but then the rest of them weren’t even impressions at all really? We do already know that he is a good singer. It was an odd stretch of a sketch that seemed only to want to tell us about how Bruno Mars is good at singing.

Stefon was Stefon, as he tends to be.

Ah, the return of the “Amusement Park” sketch! THIS TIME WITH TOM HANKS! It wasn’t great until Tom Hanks came out, but then it was great.

There were four Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5 ads that ran throughout the night and were an instant Internet HIT. I liked them, too! Here is the first one.

There was also a Juggalo “Donkey Punch The Ballot” ad, which was not great. Unfortunately. And Bruno Mars performed!

Can’t wait to see what kind of song Louis CK sings in his opening monologue on November 3rd!