What Is Your Pop Culture Halloween Costume?

HALLOWEEN! The horrible holiday that you think of ideas for all year long, finally deciding, at the last minute, on whatever you have already because it’s all a drag that you do not have the energy for. (Or a fun holiday that you excitedly prepare for in October because you like fun and your friend is having a party.) (Or maybe you have children and it is cute to dress them up like a pumpkin.) (There are all kinds of possibilities for this wonderful holiday.) Just as a HEAD’S UP, though, For those of you who were planning on purchasing the sexy Big Bird costume that’s been making the rounds here on the ‘net lately, I have some bad news from the Sesame Workshop. From E!:

“The costumes are not licensed or authorized by Sesame Workshop. We are working with our legal team to have the costumes removed from the market,” Sesame Workshop said in a statement.

SO CROSS THAT OFF THE LIST. What are you going to be instead, if you are going to dress up because you are an adult and can do whatever you want even if it seems like it’s something for children? Are you planning on someone from television or a movie? Are you planning on going as Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks because you are a girl with brown hair? Are you planning on going as Louise from Bob’s Burgers because you found the hat on Etsy by accident and thought “why not”? Are you going to be Batman? Or Barack Obama? Are you and your friends going as The Young Ones? Party Down? Home Movies? Sexy Bart Simpson? Sexy Breaking Bad? Non-racist The Wire? Let’s talk about it!