This Week In GIFs!

Man, what a week! A man FELL FROM SPACE. Krispy Kreme put out a new #1 hit. Two men debated. We talked about how our days were. I barely even understand how we fit it all in! Let’s go back and take a look at some GIFs highlighting those special moments and a few more and try to wrap our minds around it together. (Also, by the way, the Krispy Kreme GIF you’re currently enjoying and the other Krispy Kreme GIFs you will enjoy shortly are by our own Chris Trash. Thanks for the GIF, Chris Trash!)

Christina Applegate hosted Saturday Night Live!

A man fell to Earth from space!

Everyone wants Megan Fox’s eyebrows on their face!

We saw an incredible Rockafire Explosion proposal!

We got a Krispy Kreme Halloween vid!

We talked about our favorite scary movies!


We chatted about the reification of Honey Boo Boo!

And, finally, Thursday TV happened!