The Second Presidential Debate Of 2012 Open Thread

Last night, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney held their second (of three) presidential debates in Long Island. What did you guys think? Personally, I always find the “town hall” style debate to feel like a MadTV sketch, which is great if you love MadTV! You’re just kind of always waiting for someone to ask “boxers or briefs” (which many of our younger readers will think is a joke I stole from someone on Twitter, but is actually a REAL THING that presidential candidates were asked in the ’90s! This was before MTV was closed down and turned into a Red Mango). But overall it was a pretty decent debate. At the very least, I am sure 99% of the people thought their guy did great, whoever their guy happens to be. (Although can I just say that one thing that is very confusing to me in the lamestream media is this insistence that the challenger always comes out of debates looking stronger simply because “they were able to stand on the same stage as the president and hold their own, kind of”? Like, shouldn’t the ability to engage in a thoughtful and meaningful debate be one of our lowest and most basic expectations for any of these guys?) (To which someone will say that Obama’s performance two weeks ago was neither engaged nor thoughtful, but that is subjective and I think you are trying to obscure my point. But OK, touche, I’ll grant you a half-point if we can move on.) Then, of course, there is that tricky 1% of undecided voters. What is UP with those guys, for real? That one undecided lady last night who was sophisticated enough to connect Romney’s fiscal outlook for the United States to the economic policies of George W. Bush, who she blamed for our current economic woes, but she can’t decide who to vote for?! Oh brother! My personal favorite moment of the evening was the large number of strangers who wrote to me on Twitter telling me to look up the definition of “socialism” before I wrote any more Tweets. LOL. I did! I looked it up! I am so sorry for everything I said, and let’s please kick this communist out of office! Together we can do it! What a load of malarkey. These same people got very mad when I pointed out at the end how Mitt Romney exasperatedly said, “Government doesn’t create jobs. Government doesn’t create jobs,” even though he had spent the entire evening hammering home the vacuous and unsubstantiated point that if he was elected president he would create a bunch of jobs. And do not even get me started on the Rose Garden thing. BOOM! KABOOM! I mean that is some real egg on the face stuff, no matter what you want. Oh, and also this. But, so, what did you think of last night’s debate? Who do you think is the President? The next and final debate is next Monday in Florida and will focus on foreign policy.