A Rock-afire Explosion Public Marriage Proposal

Uh. So. Well, let me begin by saying that this particular public (public in the sense that it was in front of animatronics and the guy who controls the animatronics and now the world) marriage proposal comes at a perfect time, as I recently watched The Rock-afire Explosion on Netflix Instant (because someone put it on while I was cooking? Only God can judge me) so I know exactly what they are and exactly what the people who are huge fans of them are like (their only interest is The Rock-afire Explosion and they only drink soda). So this 13 minute long public marriage proposal video makes slightly more sense to me than it would have, had I not recently watched that documentary. (“What does Aaron Fechter have to do with anything? Why are these people taking a tour of a forgotten nightmares factory and how did they even know it existed, previous to the tour? Is that the band from Chuck-E-Cheese?”) With that being said, though, this public marriage proposal is still leaps and bounds beyond my understanding. I can hardly even criticize it. Good for these two, I think? I’m happy that they found each other! I don’t know! Let’s watch their magical scary nightmare proposal together.

HOLY MOLY THAT PROPOSAL TOOK SO LONG! And I’m not even talking about the whole video, which is 11 minutes too long itself, but just the actual proposal part! Way to ruin a moment, LOONEY BIRD! So. Uh. Yeah! I don’t know! It’s easy to be upset with people when they sing Bruno Mars over the loudspeaker at Wal-Mart and have all the Wal-Mart employees do the Macarena before they finally pop the question, but this? I’ll say it again, I’m glad these two found each other. I just don’t know. (Thanks for the tip, Chris Trash!)