Saturday Night Live: Christina Applegate And Passion Pit

Aww, dangit. I was looking forward to this episode because Up All Night is definitely not painful to watch every week and Christina Applegate seems like such a doll, and you just know Bruno Mars is going to be so dumb next week, but this was a pretty bad episode! And I’m only saying “pretty bad” because it sounds too mean to say “very bad,” which is what it actually was! Darn. The cold open was upsetting for the same reason every sketch about the upcoming election has been upsetting — no feathers were even slightly ruffled. It was particularly upsetting to find that the joke about the religion/abortion question was to poke fun of the fact that Biden didn’t let his religion influence his decision enough. WHAT, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? (I guess really the joke was that Catholics in general don’t let their religious beliefs hinder what they want to do in life, but it was particularly upsetting in this set up when religion should just not be a factor at all. What was the joke saying? That Biden should’ve let his Catholic religious beliefs impact his view on abortion rights? WHAT WAS THE JOKE SAYING, LORNE?) I did like the jokes about Scranton, though, because that is where I am from. #SCRANTON! There were a few recurring sketches included in the mix, and each of them felt especially tired — especially Principal Frye. Ugh, that sketch. Always ugh. Let’s talk about some other ones!

“The Californians” is a sketch that I normally enjoy, but I don’t want to watch A MOVIE-LENGTH VERSION OF IT! As it is often said, one-note sketches like this are best when limited to under 100 minutes.

I did enjoy “Tech Talk: iPhone 5.” The single bright moment in an otherwise dull episode, I thought. (The Odysseus sketch — which is not available online — was also enjoyable. That was another less-bright bright moment.) The premise was very solid and Bill Hader was extra great.

The Taken trailer was fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Did you guys like it? Did you guys think this was the best episode yet this season? What’s up with you guys?

The Gilette Ad sketch was kind of confusing because of how it seemed to be only included to say “fuck you” to Jerry Sandusky. Which I am totally ok with! Definitely “fuck you” to that awful monster! But also maybe they could’ve said “fuck you” — and the “fuck you” could’ve meant more — with a more inspired premise and a few more jokes.

Christina Applegate as Kristin Wiig in the “Choreographer” sketch was difficult to watch.

Finally, Passion Pitt performed and they weren’t very good, either! Maybe Bruno Mars will be better next week? I cannot imagine that that will be true, but in a world where Seth MacFarlane had the best episode yet this season, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.