What Is Your Favorite Jurassic Park 4 Dinosaur-Human Hybrid Monster?

Ain’t It Cool News got their hands on an old draft of a possible screenplay for Jurassic Park 4, and it’s making the rounds today because it features HUMAN-DINOSAUR HYBRID CLONES who become a VIGILANTE JUSTICE TEAM fighting DRUG DEALERS AND STUFF. You can read the whole synopsis here, but let’s just say that it sounds great. Here are a couple of my favorite excerpts: “Technically, Jurassic Park isn’t even his problem anymore, but he still feels responsible for the dinosaurs and the damage they do.” And “The UN has outlawed any breeding of new dinosaurs by anyone and they’ve prohibited the sale, mining, or possession of amber worldwide.” THE PROBLEM IS AMBER! WE HAVE TO DESTROY THE AMBER! Anyway, up above is a piece of concept art for the DINO-HUMAN MERCENARY THINGS (more concept art here) which is pretty perfect. “You just sold your last small amount of drugs on this block, creep!” (I’m not actually entirely clear if the dinosaur-human hybrid monsters are hunting drug dealers. Somehow I am starting to feel like I just wasn’t paying very close attention and I made that part up. But I am definitely not going to go back and check at this point, and I sincerely do hope that that is what they are doing.) So what are your guys’s favorite Jurassic Park 4 dinosaur-human hybrid monsters? Here are a couple of mine:

  • Tyrannosaurus Banks
  • Triceratopher Grace
  • Pterodaxtyl Sheppard
  • Velociraptori Amos
  • Allisaurus Lohan
  • Iguanodom Deloise
  • Judd Apatosaurus

Holy cow, this is even dumber than the idea for the movie, which was already very dumb!