The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Though this video doesn’t necessarily fit into the strict regulations of the top ten animal video countdown (must be cute and/or funny and/or novel, must be spontaneous unless its cuteness and/or funniness and/or novelty overrides its produced nature), it is worth mentioning that this auto-tuned tribute to a man’s baby dog (thanks for the tip, Chris Trash!) is NOT A BAD song tribute, if you must do a song tribute to a dog. Check it out if all of that appeals to you. “It’s a must-see.” Hahah. Just kidding. It’s not, but it’s fine! It’s a fine fall jam about a dog. So anyway it’s animal video countdown time, are you ready for some VIDEEEEOOOOOOOOS?! Let’s watch ‘em!

10. Ferret Escape

9. Dog Tries To Pick Up “Stick”

8. Baby Polar Bear Learns To Walk

7. Camel Rubbing Itself On Car

6. Brooklyn’s New Baby Walrus

5. Ducks Get Their First Swim

4. Babies Laughing At Dogs

3. Cat Jump Fail

2. Owl Petting A Dog

1. Dog In A Swing Wearing Glasses

That dog in a swing wearing glasses almost lost out on first place because its owner didn’t know to turn their phone on its side, but it managed to pull ahead at the last second! (I chose it anyway.) Sometimes you just need a dog in a swing wearing sunglasses. Old dog being pet by an owl is almost too much. (It is certainly too long, if we can be real about it.) VERY CUTE. Cat jump fail is just classic and perfect. Babies laughing at dogs is super sweet, and so is the video about the ducks taking their first swim. (That one is also fairly sad, but I’m glad they had a happy ending!!!) Congratulations to all of the animal videos honored here today, and congratulations to all of us.