Making Great Expectations A Bit Sexier

Can you think of anything sexier than Great Expectations? I can’t! I’m trying to think of anything sexier than the classic bildungsroman about an orphan growing up with dirt on his face and convict money and Miss Havisham, while he was in love with his aunt’s dirty cousin or whatever (I don’t know if I’ve even ever read this book, now that I think about it) and I just CANNOT. It’s like Great Expectations is the #1 sexiest thing I can think of and way down the list after that is literally just two people having sex. Anyway! From Deadline:

ABC has put in development Legacy, a drama from feature producer Debra Martin Chase, which is described as a sexy soap and a modern-day twist on the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. Jeremy Anderson and Patrick Moss will write the script and will co-executive produce. Martin will executive produce.

This is the second drama project this season that is a modern-day reimagining of Great Expectations. The other, Expectations, is set up at the CW with Reese Witherspoon executive producing. Last year, ABC and the CW both had Beauty And The Beast drama pilots.

“Last year, the CW heard that ABC called it slutty to one of their mutual friends, and before that the CW saw a tweet from ABC that was just like, ‘I don’t know who they think they’re fooling… #slut’ and when the CW saw it the first time they didn’t think anything of it but now they’re like, ‘Was that about me? What the fuck, ABC?’ And it’s just like if you’re going to talk shit about someone at least don’t talk that shit to someone who THE CW IS BETTER FRIENDS WITH.” Haha. Anyway. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE GREAT EXPECTATIONS SEXIER AND MORE MODERN THAN IT ALREADY IS? Miss Havisham owns an ultra-modern brothel? Pip doesn’t wear any clothes? Estella gets in trouble for sexting? What do you think, I don’t even know!