Hampton Inn Corporation Takes Credit For Touching Story Of Disabled Child Like A Real Bunch Of Heroes

Oh, hello. Welcome to Mixed Emotions Town! On the one hand, I am so excited and touched to learn about TJ Elevator Fan. He seems like a pretty nice dude, and he loves elevators so much, and he has a dope website! This video is well made and emotionally powerful and stuff. I don’t hate the video. I do hate how much it focuses on this being at Hampton Inn and on the Hero Staff of the Hampton Inn, though! Like, you’re a big, dumb hotel company. Who cares? We are all supposed to come sleep on your bed bugs because one time TJ Elevator Fan gave you the thumbs up? Like I said: this is Mixed Emotions Town, population All Of Us. This video and the story behind the video is all over TJ Elevator Fan’s website. It was clearly a nice experience for him, and that’s all that really matters. So I guess never mind? But consider yourselves on Serious Probation, Hampton Inn. This is a warning. Next time you make a touching video exploiting a cool dude as a casual advertisement for your hotel chain of American heroes, we won’t be as nice about it! We will be almost as nice but a little less nice! (Via TheDailyWhat.)