So, There Is An Arrested Development Contest

So, there is an Arrested Development contest. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Six fans will be awarded walk-on roles on the upcoming fourth season of the cult comedy, Netflix announced Wednesday.

“The Bluths have walked on so many people we thought it was only fair to let a few fans walk on them. Come see behind-the-scenes and for God’s sake, please don’t touch anything!” said creator and executive producer Mitch Hurwitz.

Beginning Wednesday, those in the U.S. can enter to win a role by creating an original piece of Arrested Development content. Videos that are less than two minutes long, a photo or original artwork are just some of the things fans can enter. Arrested Development cast members and producers will pick the winning entries. Entries can be submitted via Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr with #BluthWalkOn.

The contest ends Tuesday, Oct. 16.

That’s a pretty good contest, actually! I’m not saying you should enter the contest. Especially when contests involve fan art, or whatever, it’s like, well, you could just be creating your own art? If you are talented enough to win the contest with your charcoal life drawing of Maeybe Bluth holding a bowl of fruit, maybe you should work on your portfolio! But then on the other hand, some people who are so good at drawing and painting can crank that stuff out like it’s not even a thing. Lucky ducks. Just think about it, both sides of it, before deciding. Here is a video of Michael Cera “announcing” the contest:

Arrested Development, you guys! It would be neat if one of you was on that show, even if just for a second. I would definitely watch then. Right now it’s 50/50, I might be busy. Let me know when your episode airs, though, I will check it out. Congrats in advance.