The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Something that’s funny about the Internet and its love of animal videos is that it has fully embraced some animals that before, I don’t believe, were very widely thought of as “adorable.” Baby goats, for instance. It seems like just about every week we have a new video of baby goats doing something cute, when years ago I don’t think very many people would have put “baby goats” in a list of their favorite cute animals. Right? (Or wrong? Wrong?) Very interesting. It’s nice to have someone be there point out to you interesting little brain-warmers that you never would’ve thought of yourself, specifically about the Internet and animal videos, once a week. I’m glad I could be that person for you. This week we have lots of great videos to watch together no doy so let’s get to those videeoooooooooooooos!

10. Thirsty Cat Figures Out Water Cooler

9. Cat Can’t Figure Out Cat Flap

8. Cat Attacks Other Cat’s Tail From Inside Box

7. Dog Plays In Slow Motion

6. Dog Is Too Tiny For Jacket

5. Dogs Keep Balloon From Hitting The Ground

4. Baby Goats Play On Teeter Totter

3. Swinging Gibbon

2. Cat Uses Hedgehog Like A Brush

1. Gumby Cat

GUMBY CAT! Wonderful job. All you had to do was fall asleep and here you are, number one in the most prestigious animal video countdown on the ‘net. A+. Cat using a hedgehog like a brush is great for like 10 different reasons. The swinging gibbon video, I must say, seems familiar. I hope it’s not a repeat. I think it just seems familiar because I watched it earlier this week, and I didn’t want to fault it for that because it is tons of fun, but LET ME KNOW! Then, of course, we have a wonderful visit from our darling baby goats, and two dogs having a blast. Great jobs this week, everyone. Congratulations to all of us.