Are You Kidding Me With This Marriage Proposal?

Last week we were treated to a video of a man in a glass box, willingly covered in bees, playing clarinet. It was as if the video had been specifically designed to agitate a number of our (my) insect-based fears, and at that point it seemed like perhaps there would never be another video that could top it in how much we hated it so much. But, yet again, the world has proved itself to be a never-ending vampire pit of horrible nightmares that play to our very specific fears and dislikes. This morning I’d like (hate) to present you with the worst idea for a public (“public” in a somewhat looser sense, since there were only two people involved, but “public” because it was designed and filmed to show people) marriage proposal that we have ever, and hopefully will ever, see in our life. (Though only because this isn’t a video.) Let’s get this over with.

Awful. Learn when to say “no,” ladies. Learn when to say “yes” while you’re in the air, so you don’t get into an air accident FOR REAL, and then “no” immediately when you’ve been returned to safety. (“In descent proposal” is not bad, though.) (I do have to admit that.) (Via Neatorama.)