Playing A Clarinet, Covered In Bees

By Kelly Conaboy / September 27, 2012

There is only so much railing against both bugs and obvious danger that one blogger can do before she throws up her hands. When will the world learn? When will scientists develop a brain so they realize that bugs have got to go, no matter what harm it will certainly cause to our ecosystem and bug video making communities? When will humans learn that danger is real and life-threatening and getting hurt hurts, and they should all just be careful and have fun in the safest way possible? Take up an instrument, perhaps, and then maybe DO NOT COVER IT IN BEES? It seems so obvious to not cover your musical instrument and entire head in bees before you play it and then lock yourself in a box with those bees, and yet! I just don’t know, guys. I feel very defeated. Cover yourselves in bugs and eat some dynamite while you’re jumping off of a plane, I guess. Do whatever you want.

“Every show I get stung.”

“Sometimes I’ve actually inhaled a bee as I was playing my clarinet.”


Just thought you guys might need a refresher on those two quotes. Man oh man. What is even going on in this world. (Via UniqueDaily.)