Videogum Everywhere: Jokes 4 Miles

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Videogum Everywhere mission, but you never know when that call is going to come through, so STAY SHARP, AGENTS! Your latest mission is described as follows:

Miles has been battling brain cancer for over three years, now with a fourth recurrence, he is about to undergo an autologous stem cell transplant at LA Children’s Hospital. He will be in isolation, 2,000 miles from family and friends for months, that’s why his Dad is asking folks around the world to send in 5,000 JOKES that he can watch online from his hospital room.

As of this writing, Miles is still in need of more than 4,400 jokes to reach his goal. (On a semi-unrelated sidenote: I watched 50/50 this weekend and I highly recommend that movie! It is both genuinely funny AND genuinely moving, which is not the easiest combination to pull off. Admittedly, the part of the doctor [not the therapist, but the doctor doctor] is a bit ham-handed as being some insensitive brute with no bedside manner, but otherwise the whole thing is a heart-wrenching but also charming thing and you should see it. Jokes and cancer, who knew? Besides that movie and Miles.) So submit your jokes now. It’s a nice thing to do and you don’t have to take your pants off in the subway or sing in a shopping mall food court or anything! (Via Rookie.)