This Yo Yo Master Bout To Ruin Your Day

In the video posted after the jump, yo-yo master Tomonari “Black” Ishiguro performs a new trick he invented in which he does the classic tablecloth trick perfectly using only a yo-yo. What? Like, how would you even start to think about wishing that WAS a trick, much less spending all of the time and hours it must to practice and perfect such a thing (and to clean up after your failures)? Then all of a sudden it’s 9:35 in the morning and you’re sitting here looking out over the gray expanse of your day wondering what you’re even hoping to accomplish while out there Tomonari “Black” Ishiguro is creating straight up magic out of wholecloth (get it?). Might as well hit the snooze button again unless you yourself are going to the Yo Yo Magic Factory to put in your eight hours in the Tricks And Wonder Department. No? Sorry, pal. You got nothing! Thanks a lot, Tomonari “Black” Ishiguro. SOME OF US HAVEN’T EVEN HAD COFFEE YET YOU DUMB PUNK!

Whatever. Someone give this nerd a wedgie using only a yo-yo and shove him back into his locker using only a pair of devil sticks and a hackey sack. And fast. Some of us have work to do! (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)