Alec Baldwin Either Is Or Is Not Leaving 30 Rock, Which May Or May Not Be Ending Soonish

Have you all been closely following the Alec Baldwin/Twitter/30 Rock Incredible News Story of 2012? Staying current on the important updates of the day, every day? Practicing your “Alec Baldwin leaving 30 Rock early” and your “30 Rock ending eventually” drills at school? (Hide under your coats, eat your lunch quietly?) If not, you should OPEN YOUR EYES, first of all. And let me catch you up. Sooooo a week ago or something Alec Baldwin tweeted that he was “leaving NBC just in time.” What did it mean?! Tina Fey went on a talk show to say that it didn’t mean anything, as far as she knew, and the show had no set plans to end yet, and no one should worry. Then Alec Baldwin went to a National Press Club luncheon and said that yes, it did mean something, but not really? From the Washington Post:

– At a National Press Club luncheon Monday, the “30 Rock” star confirmed — as reported here last week and back in January — that he is signed to star on the critically acclaimed NBC’s comedy series for a seventh season.

He also said the show is going to end next year. By that, we assume he means 2013, which would suggest that NBC — which has so far been mum regarding the show’s pickup for next season — has gone ahead and ordered it because this season ends in May, whereas next season begins in fall of ’12 and ends in May ’13.

Ooohhhhhhh…? No one from NBC has yet verified anything that he said at this luncheon, most likely because their eyes have rolled out of their heads and then they fell asleep and then they died. Goodnight!