Thursday Night TV Open Thread

One thing I’ll say about this season of Community (to lead into all of the other things) is the the Dean has become my favorite character. How did that happen? Is it just because I’ve gotten tired of the rest of the characters and I never really paid attention to the Dean before so he feels fresh somehow, or is it because the Dean character has gotten better? Huh? Which is it? This isn’t from last night’s episode, but remember in that episode where Jeff put on sunglasses and the Dean fell to the floor because he was so stunned? Haha! That was good. Dean4life. Oratleastuntili4get. Last night’s episode was fine. Certainly a bit less gimmicky than Community has been, so that was nice to see. I’m not sure how I feel about Britta’s stronger presence this season, because she was definitely always one of the weaker characters, and I’m not sure putting her into larger story lines within the episodes has made her stronger. But. Whatever. TV, right? TV. I hope she and Troy get married! The Office was back last night, which was good because it meant that we did not have to watch two episodes of 30 Rock. Hahah. What a miserable writeup so far! And it’s about to get worse! Did you all see that NBC is thinking of rebooting The Office after next season? It would be a reboot without any of the main characters who on the show now, because their contracts will be up at that point. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Can you even imagine how terrible that is going to be?! The Office is dead! Take the sunglasses off of it and go home! I was unable to watch 30 Rock, unfortunately. Was it good? Was the Up All Night season finale just as easy to watch as it always is? Are you all excited for Parks and Recreation to come back? GIFs?