How Crazy This Roach Infestation Video Seems To You Probably Says A Lot About Your Current Or Past Living Situations

Let me begin by saying, as always with the bug videos that we choose to share: Do not watch this video. It is terrible. Why would you ever even want to watch it? Why would anyone, when a video is labeled “crazy roach infestation” choose to first watch that video by themselves and, second, share that video with other people? WHO KNOWS! Who knows how and why the brain and heart work the way that they do. Maybe because they have a very good friend (not themselves, thank god, in this hypothetical scenario it is an honest-to-goodness friend) whose apartment is constantly full of roaches, to the point where the first person almost couldn’t even visit this friend’s apartment anymore. But then one night they, because you can’t even believe how good of a friend they are, helped that friend clean the apartment and put down lots of boric acid and roach traps, and it worked so well in getting rid of the roaches! In this scenario I’m posing! And maybe this first person wants to say: If you have lots of roaches, just do the stuff that websites say! My goodness! Just do it! What are you waiting for? THIS VIDEO TO HAPPEN TO YOU?!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How crazy did it seem? The only correct answer is, “so crazy that I cannot even.” All the other answers are wrong. Also, I apologize! (Via UniqueDaily.)