The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Sometimes, I don’t know about you, but sometimes for me when Wednesday comes around and we all get to watch these videos together, it’s hard not to just write “FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY” for the entire intro. I guess it wouldn’t be that way for you because you don’t have to write the intro, but you understand. FINALLY! I saw the number one video, no spoilers, like right after Petting Zoo went up last week. And it was very frustrating because it is a VERY good video, and I had to wait an entire week to share it with everyone. Can you even imagine? Waiting a whole week to share a cute video on a blog? It’s a hard life, probably one of the hardest, and I’m glad that I have to carry the burden rather than you. Let’s get on with it, because we can, because it’s Wednesday now, and finally have fun and watch cute videos for once in our miserable lives. YAY!

10. Dog Has A Pretty Legitimate Fear Of Lightsabers

9. Dog Helps Bunny Escape Cage

8. Chick + Fat Cat = Awwwww

7. Puppy Chasing Bubbles

6. Sleepy Dog Doesn’t Wanna Go To Sleep

5. Baby Lemur Figuring It Out

4. Helping Ducklings Get Over A Curb

3. “More Catnip”

2. Orangutan Eating So Many Bananas

1. Baby Red Panda Loves A Beam Of Light

Congratulations, baby red panda! You are the cutest thing in the world! Congratulations! I’m so sorry that you’re stuck in a zoo and people are tormenting you with a flashlight! You don’t deserve it! You deserve to be free and find your own beams of light to try to grab! I’m so sorry! I LOVE YOU! The orangutan video almost isn’t great because of the background “funny” music, but then once you realize how many bananas it has in its mouth you understand that the music doesn’t even matter because it is SO MANY bananas. I hope everyone understood that “More Catnip,” which is the actual name of the video, is a “more sand” reference, and I hope everyone had their sound on for that one. And then the ducklings and the lemur are just TOO MUCH. Congratulations to everyone. This is a big day for all of us.