Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Funny how last night’s episode of Community was about a war, when there’s a REAL war going on in the Community family RIGHT NOW! Who’s side are you on?! Jerk probably for sure, or definitely much bigger jerk? I, for one, am on the side of sitcom wars in general. (Dan Harmon has actually already apologized for this war, which is just like, you know, BOOOOO! FIGHT FOREVER!) Community’s war episode from last night was a little tedious. I feel like you guys might be upset with me for saying that. (Just kidding, I feel like you guys are going to post GIFs from the episode at me for saying that.) I just scanned another recap of the episode and it said that it was the best episode in Community’s history. R U SERIOUS, OTHER RECAP? While the Ken Burns theme was clever for a bit, the way that it took over the entire episode just felt like if you got invited to a friend’s theme party and the friend wouldn’t stop acting AS the theme for the entire night. Like, ugh, BE REAL WITH ME FOR A MINUTE. I didn’t hate the episode. I thought it brought everything that’s been going on this season — Chang’s army, Troy and Abed’s fight/friendship,¬†John Goodman — together pretty neatly. The medium just felt tedious to me. Oh well.¬†30 Rock was good! Pretty standard, but also nothing to complain about. The writers are wacky. Tracy Jordan is wacky. Decoder rings. Garbage. Fetish websites. Not very memorable, but certainly enjoyable enough! The Office wasn’t new, and then I didn’t watch Up All Night! WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?!