Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • This happened a full two days ago, so I do apologize for bringing the news to you so late, but have you all seen the clip of Blair Waldorf dropping an awkward Courtney Stodden reference on Monday’s Gossip Girl? It’s great. (It is terrible.) And Dan would for sure know who Courtney Stodden, give me a break. -BuzzFeed
  • Damsels in Distress comes out this weekend. That’s exciting! I hope it’s not bad! It’s difficult to be excited about movies lately because all of the movies turn out to be not very good, but I’m still excited about this one! Here’s an interview with Greta Gerwig about it. -AVClub
  • This is a robot band playing a Beatles song, and it’s pretty much exactly like every robot band playing a Beatles song (great, doy) except that this one comes from the school I went to and when I saw that I was VERY excited. Soooo. -Neatorama
  • Yahoo has gathered together some highlights from Nic Cage’s career, and then FilmDrunk gathered together highlights of the highlights of Nic Cage’s craziness. Gr8. -FilmDrunk
  • Hahah, oh no! This is a little sad. Mark Ruffalo says he’s not well endowed? I mean, it’s not like SAD, I’m not crying, but hey, Mark Ruffalo! Don’t say that! I’m sure everything’s fine! And even if it’s not, still don’t say that! -Dlisted
  • The first clip from The Avengers was released today, and it is of Scarlett Johansson. Want to see it? Don’t watch it if you want the entire movie to be a surprise, because it IS From the movie. It’s a clip from the movie. Ok, here you go! -TheDailyWhat
  • Peabody awards were given to lots of good things, like Portlandia and Game of Thrones. Good job, Peabodies! You picked out some good things! -Vulture