Whose Side Are You On In The “All-Out War” Between Miley Cyrus And Jennifer Lawrence?

It’s hard sometimes not to let your life get taken over by trivialities. Newspapers, classic novels you can download for free on your Kindle, friends, loved ones, your mental and physical health — each of these things a constant presence in our lives, nagging at and tempting us from putting our time and energy towards what is going on in the real world. For instance, did you even know that Miley Cyrus is dating a guy who’s in The Hunger Games? And he is in that movie with Jennifer Lawrence? And that they are WORKING TOGETHER A LOT? From EntertainmentWise:

According to an insider, this is when Miley decided it was time to step in. [Ed. Note: There is no other context for this. It says she “decided to step in” when she noticed they were working together a lot.] “It started when Miley tried to give Jen advice about handling fame,” an insider told Now magazine.

“It was a bit of an insult as Jen’s been working since she was 15 – and has already been nominated for an Oscar for Winter’s Bone.”

The source added: “So Miley got the shock of her life when Jen told her to mind her own business. Now it’s pretty much all-out war.”

Miley, 19, is even said to have gone mental at Liam when he was going on about how awesome it was working on the movie.

Ahhhhhh! How dare she?! “She” being BOTH OF THEM? Also how dare HE say it was awesome to work on the movie? How dare my brain fall out of my mouth after reading this story because it just refused to take this garbage anymore?! The only way to solve this WAR is the same as the only way to solve anything else: a poll.

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Vote or die in the war between Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence. (Via ONTD.)