Ryan Gosling Saved A Woman From Getting Hit By A Taxi

Ryan Gosling, the wind beneath our wings, the fire in our eyes, the hand that rocks the cradle, the hand that rules the world, hardly needs to try to win our affection at this point. He is very good looking, to begin with. Have you seen this guy? Not someone who is difficult to look at, BELIEVE ME. I’ve seen him in photos. Plus he has been in movies that we all like, all of us in the whole world without exception, which helps. And one time he broke up a fight that was being filmed even before he jumped in, for some reason that has yet to be explained! Done and done. WE’RE SOLD, RYAN GOSLING! Take a break. Go to Disney Land. But Ryan Gosling, for the same reasons that we all fell in love with him to begin with (good looking and in movies, I guess?) (also his voice!) (AND HE SEEMS SO SWEET!) refuses to step away from trying to win our affection, and last night it came in the form of not letting a woman get hit by a taxi! RYAN!

Ms. Laurie Penny goes on to explain that she is from London and was looking the wrong way (LAURIE!), so she did not notice the taxt headed right towards her, merely INCHES AWAY I imagine in my mind that is influenced by 0 facts. But did he say “hey, girl,” Laurie Penny?

Awwww. Classic RyGos. Never one to stand by and let a person get hit by a taxi even though he is famous, because he is a HERO. And also BEAUTIFUL. But not everything is perfect for Laurie Penny, who used to be a journalist before she was A Woman Who Was Saved By Ryan Gosling:

Heavy is the head that was once near Ryan Gosling’s head when Ryan Gosling, the world’s most beautiful real hero, stopped it from being hit by a taxi. (Thanks for the tip, Dusky Panther!)