This Is Just A Fun Reminder: Videogum’s Fourth Birthday Party Is One Week From Today

Guys, I just wanted to take a second and remind you that next Tuesday is Videogum’s Official Fourth Birthday Party. This is a casual but no less important celebration of all of the laffs and memoriez we have collected over the years. Mr. Double Rainbow! Hahahaha! Remember him? Nicholas Sparks writes down the bones! So many great times we’ve had. Or whatever. It’s a blog! How deep do we want to go with this stuff?! But as far as excuses to get together with nice people and drink and eat cake go, the anniversary of a fun little website IS NOT SO BAD. So please, won’t you join us next Tuesday evening at 7PM at the Professor Thom’s upstairs bar on 2nd Avenue in New York City for a toast. Maybe you will make a new real life friend! Maybe you’ll HAVE A BABY! If nothing else, when you are a leathery bag of dusty old bones, you can turn to your grandchildren and tell them that you were there for the fourth anniversary of Videogum, and they’ll ask what was Videogum, and you’ll say it was a mildly popular, like, not THAT popular, but a mildly popular website that had found its audience and cherished that audience, and they’ll ask what’s a website, and you’ll tell them about the Internet, and they’ll ask why there isn’t the Internet anymore and you’ll say because there isn’t any electricity and they’ll ask why not and you’ll say because the world is covered in water. SO LET’S DRINK UP!